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Matador offers every dealership automations that should be consider integrating for enhanced customer engagement and satisfaction

Happy Birthday Automation: Birthdays are personal and celebrating them with your customers can create lasting relationships. An automated birthday message or offer can make your customers feel valued and foster loyalty, driving long-term dealership customer retention.

Unsold Showroom Visit Automation: Not every showroom visit ends in a sale, but that doesn’t mean the opportunity is lost. Automating follow-up communications with visitors who left without purchasing can re-engage potential buyers, tapping into a key aspect of dealership lead revival.

Review Invite Automation: Positive reviews are gold in the automotive industry. Automating requests for reviews post-purchase or service can significantly enhance your dealership’s reputation and contribute to dealership customer satisfaction.

Missed Sales Appointment Automation: Missed appointments don’t have to mean missed opportunities. Automated reminders and rescheduling options can recover these situations, ensuring your team stays on top of potential sales leads.

Lease Term End Automations: As lease terms come to an end, there’s a prime opportunity to engage customers for renewals or new purchases. Automated communication in this regard keeps your dealership top-of-mind, reinforcing dealership customer engagement.

Matador’s suite of automations embodies these principles, offering a streamlined solution to engage customers, respond to inquiries, and set appointments with ease. Their platform ensures that your dealership remains proactive in its customer interactions, harnessing the


power of automation to deliver exceptional experiences.

Matador’s innovative approach to automation integrates seamlessly into the dealership’s workflow, reviving leads and engaging customers without overwhelming your team. The platform’s smart algorithms and customizable messages mean that each communication feels personal and timely, whether it’s reactivating no-shows, incentivizing referrals, or managing lease renewals. By automating these critical interactions, Matador not only saves time but also elevates the level of customer service, contributing significantly to dealership customer satisfaction.

Matador’s Automations Enhance Customer Experience at every dealership

The transition to automated systems is not just a trend but a strategic move towards a more efficient, customer-centric business model. In an era where personalization and timely responses are paramount, these automations are not just helpful; they are essential. They represent a shift in how dealerships interact with their customers, from a transactional relationship to one that is engaging, responsive, and, most importantly, personal.

Embracing the Future of Dealership Operations with matador

By adopting these five key automations, your dealership is not just keeping up with the times; it is setting a new standard in customer experience. Are you ready to transform your dealership’s approach to customer engagement and lead management with the power of automation?

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