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Gone are the days when customers had to wait hours for a response or navigate complex phone menus. With conversational AI, every interaction is personalized, instant, and seamless. Whether it’s a query about a specific model or a request for a test drive, AI provides accurate, contextual responses that make customers feel understood and valued.

At Ocean Subaru, they’ve seen this transformation firsthand. By implementing Matador’s AI-powered automations, they’ve turned their website into a 24/7 sales hub. Visitors receive instant, personalized responses, making their online experience as engaging and informative as an in-person visit.

In an era where attention spans are shorter than ever, engaging leads quickly is critical. Conversational AI doesn’t just respond fast; it responds smartly. By analyzing user behavior and preferences, it crafts messages that resonate, leading to dramatically higher engagement rates.

Consider this: Ocean Subaru saw an 82% retention rate from sales to service, thanks to Matador’s AI-driven service reminders and promotions. The AI’s ability to send personalized, timely messages via SMS—customers’ preferred channel—kept them coming back long after the sale.

Your sales team’s time is precious. They should be closing deals and building relationships, not chasing leads or handling routine queries. With conversational AI, they can. Advanced systems handle everything from initial inquiries to appointment scheduling, freeing your team to focus on high-value interactions.

David’s team at Ocean Subaru no longer wastes time leaving voicemails or playing phone tag. Instead, Matador’s AI handles routine communications, allowing his staff to concentrate on selling more maintenance packages and exceeding customer expectations.

Today’s car buyers demand accurate information at every stage. From initial research to post-purchase support, any misstep can cost you a sale. Conversational AI ensures consistent, reliable assistance throughout the entire journey.

At Ocean Subaru, they’ve seen this in action with maintenance approvals. By sending live video and images of recommended maintenance items, they’ve built trust and increased approvals by an astonishing 5x. Moreover, with AI’s intelligent appointment reminder system integrated with customers’ calendars, they’ve achieved an 88% show rate for appointments.

While the benefits of conversational AI are clear, not all solutions are created equal. Matador stands out by delivering an exceptional customer experience that feels genuinely human. Its Superhuman AI feature auto-magically answers inquiries and sets appointments, acting as a 24-hour-a-day BDC at a fraction of the cost.

What sets Matador apart is its blend of AI power and human oversight. While AI handles routine inquiries, human experts step in for complex interactions. This ensures that while you’re benefiting from AI’s efficiency, you’re never losing that personal touch that defines your dealership.

In an industry where customer experience is everything, conversational AI isn’t just a tool; it’s a game-changer. It revolutionizes the car-buying journey, boosts engagement, minimizes manual tasks, and provides reliable support throughout. The results? Higher conversions, increased customer satisfaction, and a sales team that’s more productive and fulfilled.

As a dealership executive, you’re always looking for that next big advantage. In the age of digital-first car buying, could conversational AI be the key to outpacing your competition and redefining automotive sales success?

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