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After finding potential customers on LinkedIn, Bradley’s challenge was making contact. With 5% response rates to InMail messages, Bradley’s outreach efforts were stalled and many times reached a dead end when trying to reach out.

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“Matador has increased my closed deals by 25%”
Fausto B.

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Matador Podcast - Episode #1 (Customer Retention)

Jason Harris & Melanie Borden tackle the most relevant customer engagement & retention strategies for car dealerships. Learn more about how you can improve your automotive marketing & auto dealer customer retention

Release Notes - December 2021

Set up email as a touchpoint, schedule messages to send later, and more!

Matador’s Guide to Dealership Success Over the Holidays: 2021 Edition

Here are some ways you can use one of our most popular features, Matador Broadcast, to build connections with your community this holiday season.

3 Highlights from Digital Dealer 2021 in Tampa

Our highlights from Digital Dealer in Tampa, June 8-10, 2021. We had a great time talking with car dealers and other auto industry professionals.

The role of sales in the AI era

Whether dealerships should adopt AI to assist their sales teams is no longer up for debate. The question is: how will AI impact sales teams?

Automating the Lead Management Process to Drive More Appointments

Automation can empower BDC and sales teams to nurture potential customers and increase the number of appointments and appointment show-ups.

Matador is Attending Digital Dealer 2021 in Tampa!

Matador is excited to announce that Matador will be attending Digital Dealer Conference & Expo this year in June! Visit us at Booth #532.

Release Notes - April 2021

Set your notifications for under 15 minutes, Connect your Facebook Lead Generation forms & More.

5 ways to empower your employees and improve customer experience

Great customer experiences are the result of a company-wide effort. Not involving your employees can actually have grave consequences.

Don’t copy your competitors—create unique customer experiences with strategy

When done right, a CX strategy is the best tool in the box for aligning your entire business with your customers’ needs.

What is a customer experience vision in automotive retail and how to get it right

Times are hard and many auto retailers are scraping by. It barely feels like the right moment to start a business overhaul. But the current situation is actually accelerating the need to bring customers to the front

Transforming the automotive customer experience, one conversation at a time​

Nothing gives you better insight into your customers’ experience than putting yourself in their shoes.

Now Is A Good Time To Get To Know Your Automotive Customers

Automotive dealers and automotive consumers are disconnected. In recent years, consumers have changed beyond recognition and continue to change. By 2025, more than 45 percent of car buyers will be millennials.

The Real Reason Your Automotive Sales Are Down

One of the toughest things about being a dealership manager is knowing how to drive sales.

Every Dealership Manager Wants To Hit Their Car Sales Targets At Months-End

We’ve been working on under the hood (yes, pun intended). We’re confident it will help increase your car sales with less effort. I’ll share the details in a moment.

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