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More Service Revenue
on Cruise Control.

Take the pain out of customer service for your service department by automating messages from Matador Service.

You asked, we built it.

Built for Service.

We heard you! Matador Service was a product of Dealership collaboration. We're here to resolve your frustrations with the "Old School" way things are being done.

Increase your appointment show rate, automatically.

Automatically send, confirm and remind service appointments to make sure every client is going to make it. If they don't, automatically reschedule it.

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Increase Billable Hours

Maximize your billable hours / RO using the most convenient customer engagement platform built specifically for your Service Department.

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Activate campaigns, with 2 clicks.

There's no complex setup or difficult integration required. Save your service department time and money by easily activating the best performing service campaigns used by the biggest North American dealer groups.

Finally, there's an easier way to run your service department.

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