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SMS Marketing Delivers Unmatched ROI in Automotive with matador

SMS stands out with an impressive read rate, dwarfing other forms of digital communication. In a world where emails can languish unread in inboxes, SMS messages capture immediate attention. For dealership executives, this means your message about the latest model, a special promotion, or an exclusive event is not just sent but seen, creating a direct line of communication with your customers.

Unbeatable Read Rate for SMS with matador
No More Spam Filters with matador

Emails and SMS’ often fall victim to spam filters, but with Matador, SMS bypasses these barriers, ensuring your message reaches your audience. This maximizes deliverability, a crucial factor for dealerships aiming to maintain consistent and reliable communication with their customer base.

SMS inherently evokes a more conversational tone compared to other marketing channels. This approach aligns perfectly with the ethos of automotive sales – building relationships. By initiating conversations, SMS enables dealerships to engage more personally with their customers, fostering a sense of connection and loyalty.

Matador revolutionizes SMS marketing for dealerships by making it effortless and effective. It allows you to select CRM lists based on varying criteria like lead signals or demographic ranges, ensuring your messages are targeted and relevant. Matador’s AI then segments messaging and blasts based on different campaign tactics, maximizing the impact of your communication.

Matador revolutionizes SMS marketing for dealerships by making it effortless and effective
Content scheduling with matador

Matador’s platform goes beyond just sending messages. It offers database segmentation tailored to the size and diversity of every dealership’s contact list. Its intelligent AI segments messaging, ensuring that your SMS campaigns are not just blasts but strategic communications designed to resonate with different customer groups.

Content scheduling is another of Matador’s forte. Link your dealership’s calendar to preconfigure launches for upcoming events, or schedule SMS campaigns up to months in advance. This foresight ensures that your dealership is always ahead in its marketing efforts.

Moreover, measuring results is crucial in understanding the effectiveness of your campaigns. Matador offers lead scoring and result analysis tools, enabling your dealership to drive results and sell more cars consistently. The insights provided by the Matador dashboard are not just data points; they are learning tools that continually refine your marketing strategy.

In summary, SMS marketing, especially through Matador, offers an unmatched return on investment for automotive dealerships. Its directness, personal touch, and strategic capabilities make it an indispensable tool in your marketing arsenal. As dealership executives, leveraging these advantages can mean the difference between a potential customer and a loyal one.

So, as you ponder your next big marketing move, ask yourself: Are you ready to select the CRM list you want to work from and have your messages delivered to hundreds at the same time with Matador?

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