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Powerful video features with Matador

Communication is the key to conversion. By integrating SMS-enabled chat on your website, you open a direct line of communication with your visitors. This feature allows potential customers to quickly send messages to your dealership, making inquiries more convenient and responses faster. It’s personal, immediate, and highly effective in keeping the conversation going, even when the customer has left your site.

Video for Your Dealership: A Game-Changer in Automotive Sales with Matador new Video feature

Time is of the essence in converting interest into sales. Speed to lead optimization ensures that your team responds to inquiries with lightning-fast speed, capitalizing on the moment a potential buyer shows interest. Quick responses not only demonstrate your dealership’s commitment to customer service but also significantly increase the chances of converting inquiries into sales. In this race, even a second’s delay can mean the difference between closing a deal and losing it to a competitor.

automated SMS at Matador

In the competitive landscape of the automotive industry, your website’s conversion rate is a critical measure of success. Implementing these five secrets – mobile-specific pop-ups, SMS-enabled chat, 1-field CTA, speed to lead optimization, and contextual offers – can significantly enhance your dealership’s online presence and conversion rate. Matador stands ready to elevate your digital strategy, offering unparalleled customer experiences and driving results week after week. 

Are you ready to rev up your website’s performance and steer your dealership towards digital dominance with Matador’s help?

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